has assumed a commitment to QUALITY as a management Policy and continuous improvement of its processes, taking into account its philosophy of proximity, the sum of its experience, accumulated in its more than 20 years of history, and the contribution that We give you through the variety of products and references that we can provide.

The ASISYARD Quality Policy defined and authorized by the Management and in coherence with the general policy of the company, is the frame of reference within the following scope of activities of our management system:

  • “TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Service for Production Engineering, Inspection and / or Control and Supervision of naval or industrial works”.

“Since ASISYARD S.L. started its business activity, the focus given to its objectives has always been related to the execution of a job well done, with the consequent satisfaction of its clients.

Due to the type of work performed by ASISYARD S.L .: Management, Coordination and Inspection, the Client places great trust in the organization, since they are the representatives of their interests vis-à-vis third parties. That is why ASISYARD S.L., is committed to complying with a series of points, which will be the fundamental pillars on which the management of the company is based and the frame of reference for the establishment and review of the objectives and goals. These points are:

  1. Incorporation of the philosophy of continuous improvement established in the requirements of the management systems contained in the ISO 9001: 2015 Standard.
  2. Current legislation relating to the activity itself, by the ASISYARD S.L. staff, as well as the requirements established by the client.
  3. Identification, evaluation and control of interested parties, as well as risks.

The management of the company seeks the selection of highly qualified personnel for the performance of the contracted functions and the concern to continuously train them in aspects related to the performance of the service at a quality level for its execution, thus trying to give the better response to customers, complying with all the required requirements.

For all of the above, there is the collaboration and participation of the entire ASISYARD SL staff, which is kept informed of the needs of the company and of the decisions and actions taken in matters of Quality, to ensure greater involvement of workers in the strategic improvement processes of the company.